First coaching session – free of charge

First coaching sessions free of charge. Come with problem, situation or question and during the session we will try to look from the different Point of You. Session price – 400 kr. Session will be lead by Aiste Venskune. Aiste Venskune is a psychologist, Reiki master, “Points of You” trainer and coach who delivers workshops and lectures in mindfulness, teamwork, emotion, stress and conflict management. She leads sound healing events, and teaches meditation techniques, breathing exercises.

Reiki and sound healing session

Individual Reiki and sound healing session all spring just 300 kr. Registration: or 50355323 It’s possible to buy gift card to your beloved ones.

Gongbath with the special guest from UK

Two passionate Lithuanian gong players – currently residing in UK and Denmark – join their forces together to make a beautiful event and invite you to immerse yourself into a sacred sound bath for relaxing and blissful experience. During the event you will be bathed in sound waves, but do not fear – you will not need to remove your clothes. You will simply lie down on a mat, wrap yourself in a blanket, lay your head on a pillow,… Read More

Kopenhagoje vyks du renginiai su rašytoja B. Jakučionyte

Gegužės 19 d. ir 20 d. Kopenhagoje vyks du renginiai su aktyvia visuomenės veikėja, keturių vaikų mama, Gongų meistre, tinklaraščio „Jakuč“ ir dviejų knygų rašytoja Birute Jakučionyte. Visuomenei B. Jakučionytė žinoma kaip aktyvi veikėja, renginių organizatorė ir vedėja, talentinga ir labai drąsi moteris. Pernai išleista knyga “Mano karūna nematoma” – tai pirmosios autorės knygos “Moteris iš raudonos Audi” tęsinys, kurią 2014 m. išleido Psichologijos Studija „Menas būti“. Šiuo metu autorė gyvena Anglijoje, Vakarų Sasekse, augina keturis sūnus, groja su gongais,… Read More

Powerful gong bath in Copenhagen

Two beautiful, open-minded, passionate Gong players and sound healers come together for an amazing event which opens hearts and heals the body, mind and soul. Charlotte and Aiste invite you to immerse yourself in the vast ocean of the sacred sound… All are welcome! No experience is necessary! During the gong bath you will meet heavenly sounds of Himalayan / Tibetan singing bowls, cosmic songs of the gong, the beauty of various flute sounds, kalimba, Koshi bells and another instrument,… Read More

“On The path of sacred sound” workshop in Copenhagen

ON THE PATH OF SACRED SOUND *2days workshop following All Night Gong Puja Learn to play Gongs and Himalayan singing bowls for well being Hands – on workshop will open the doors to step into the world of the sacred sound. Touching the infinity – that’s how it feels being in the space of the sacred sound. Just try… Workshop will cover: • The art of sacred Gong; • Various techniques of playing Gongs, Himalayan singing bowls and other instruments…. Read More


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