Free Flow Dance and Gong Bath

New Event in Vita de Lux – Dance Gong Bath

A mix of movement meditation and free dancing.
You will be guided during the dance and into your body, it’s a time to take a break from your river of thoughts and to let the rhythms and your natural inner dancer take over. The dance comes from inside of you, your dancing your own unique dance getting in touch with what needs to be moved inside of you. There’s nothing right or wrong but a freedom to listen and feel into your own body, the music and to move and be with what is there. We’re dancing own dance together in the same room, supporting each other just by being there and doing our own thing.

Free movement/dancing is an amazing way to connect with your body, it releases energy and opens up to renewed creativity, presence, intimacy and a deeper self awareness. Dance and movement creates new movements in your inner space and it can be very liberating to set your inner dancer free and to let it move. Through the moving we’re connecting to our body, activating the blood streams and warming up the physical body, and thereby also the emotional body gets activated. Then we’re invited to lie down, relax and receive the healing sounds and vibrations from the wonderful gongs and different sound instruments for a deep integration of the effect of the movements and cell massaging effect of the sounds. A delightful nourishing experience for body, mind and soul.

About Anete:
Anete is a professional performer & dancer & and a trained council guide (an education based on Earth Wisdom from the native American Life Philosophy, about inner and outer communication, leadership and being present with all that is.
She’s travelled in e.g. Africa, India & Sri Lanka for Silent retreats, satsangs, dancing, meditation, music. She’s participated in several workshops and ceremonies e.g. Movement Medicine, The People’s Dance to the Sun, 10 Sticks of Happiness, Sound Massage I, sweat lodges, Sensoric Theatre, Conscious touch, Ängsbacka Tantra Festival, Breathing Workshop (e.g. with Dominique Lonchant & Wimhof method). She has a 5-day intensive Gong Master Training level 1 with Aidan McIntyre and is now training with Aiste Venskune.
She’s constantly and curiously exploring the amazing universe of the body, mind, voice and sound and has a profound trust and belief in the self healing abilities of our body; that we have a great impact on our well being through body, mind and life style.
We are each unique, precious beings.

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