Magic in Sound Therapy with Grand Gong Master Aidan McIntyre

3 days full of sounds, vibrations, frequencies and ancient wisdom of sound healing with Grand Gong Master Aidan McIntyre from UK.

Aarhus, Denmark 6-8 December 2019.

The purpose of this long weekend training is to look at the following topics and cover them in depth so that practitioners feel confident and knowledgeable:
– Singing Bowls in individual sessions and gong baths
– Conch, Tingshas and Bells
– Gong playing
– Ancillary Gong Bath Instruments (feathers, rattles, bird whistles, Peruvian whistling vessels, bells, Shruti box and voice)
– Space Clearing
– One to one therapy sessions
– Gong bath / concert

This long weekend workshop is designed to gain greater understanding and knowledge of this ancient healing method, so it means to learn not just strokes and playing techniques, but get the wisdom from Grand Gong Master.
Aidan will examine the alchemy of the gong and how to work with the Gong’s frequencies as a way to expand and shift consciousness. He will discuss the art and science of the Gong’s depth, range and power to alter and shift time and space in individual sessions, Sound Therapy, Meditation, yoga, concerts, personal practice and gong baths.

Time schedule:
6th Friday – 18-21
7th Saturday – 9-18 plus concert/gong bath 20-22
8th Sunday 11-12 Early Sunday brunch, 12-18 workshop

Training is hosted by Aidan McIntyre who has been playing gongs for over two decades around the world and who works extensively with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux.

AIDAN McINTYRE met the gong in 1993 and it was a transformational experience to say the least. From that moment on he has dedicated his life to sharing his experience and research with the World at large. The Singing Bowls came into his life at that same time and they became an integral addition to his work with the Gong.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area he was able to hone his skills whilst researching and experimenting with the effect of Therapeutic Sound. This he shared working with children, those with Autism, retirees and many others. He has brought the Gong to retirement homes, hospitals, hospices, funerals and memorial services. On a lighter note he has even played with a Bay Area Jazz Band.

Aidan is a generous teacher sharing his acquired wisdom. He also likes sharing his large collection of Gongs, Antique Singing Bowls and Conch shells, sharing their origins and uses in Sound Therapy.

Aidan have taken this Gong Master Training Course around the world to Europe, Asia and both North and South America and Australia.

Aidan is also the creator of the ‘Rotogong’ which is an attachment to the gong stand which enables one to rotate any gong 360 degrees whilst playing. ‘’ I believe that this creation will change the way the Gong is presented by the gong playing community and that it completely revolutionises the whole Gongbath experience both sonically and emotionally’’….

Prices, registration, information:
Early bird price 2225 DKK till 26/11.

Normal price 3000 DKK

Questions? call or write to Aiste by 50355323 or

P.S. If you have your own instruments, please bring them. Find more ways to connect with them :)

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