Powerful Gong bath with Faitelson & Venskune

Very special sound bath with Dalia Faitelson and Aiste Venskune

Let your body, mind and soul dive into the ocean of the sacred sound and find there calmness, peace and inspiration.

Let the vibrations to balance and cleanse the energy in your body, to work at a cellular level, to clear stress, anger, and blocked energy.

There are no two same Gong Baths, every time it’s a different journey into yourself.

There is a space of freedom, beyond all fears and limitations of the thought forms.

With Gongs, Tibetan bowls and another heeling instruments will perform Dalia Faitelson and Aiste Venskune.

All are welcome! No experience is necessary!

Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Information and registration:
Information – info@vitadelux.dk or phone 50355323.

Due to limited places, registration is required.

Information about performers:
Dalia Faitelson:
Dalia (Israel) is a professional musician and composer that specialises in sound meditation and works as creative communication facilitator. Dalia is an instructor for voice meditation at Tinkuy Spiritual Fitness Center and performes concerts of sound and gong baths. Dalia plays the guitar, tongue drum, vocal, gongs and percussion.

Aiste Venskune
Aiste is Lithuanian psychologist, Gong master, Reiki teacher and coach who delivers workshops and lectures in mindfulness, teamwork, emotion, stress and conflict management. She leads Reiki and sound healing events, and teaches meditation techniques and breathing exercises.

Main information about sound baths:
1. What is the sound bath and what we will do during it?
During this meditation participant has to lie down (or sit), relax and let the sound and vibrations bathe the body and carry the mind into the peacefulness. So it‘s mean that you have to do nothing – just lie down without any expectations and your body will catch all the vibration from these instruments.
Sound Energy Healing (Gong meditation) focuses on creating sound vibrations that alter brain states, enabling shifts of consciousness, which can affect overall health and wellness. Illness is not a flaw or weakness, rather a sign of imbalance in the system of our wholeness within the universe.

2. What can you experience during this meditation?
People can feel their bodies twitch (as the energy meridians are cleared & balanced), have insights, bursts of creative ideas, see splashes of color behind their closed eyes, out of body experiences, or simply experience feelings of total peace & connectedness.

3. Benefits of this meditation?
Gong sound can be used to rebalance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It has a profound affect on our cardiovascular, autonomic, endocrine and immune systems. It is an excellent therapy for stress related issues, depression, fatigue, anger and hostility, feelings of separation, loneliness, and fear along with many other conditions related to lack of balance and harmony in the body.

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