Soulshine Gong bath

Soulshine – Gong and Sound Bath

„Pay attention to the sound, as you might uncover a secret of existence and find the true Voice of deep inner YOU“
– Don Conreaux

The sound of the gong is the “sound of creation” which creates a deep sense of relaxation and peace. When used in Savasana or for meditation, the vibration and sound of the gong help facilitate a deeper state of consciousness, releasing blocks, reducing tensions and stimulating circulation. Sound healing sessions are referred to as “gong baths” due to the sensation of vibrational waves flowing over and through the body and are one of the most effective ways to experience a new level of meditation and calm.

In this 1 hour session we will focus on releasing energy blockages and in the harmonization of the chakras through breathing practices, guided meditations followed by a deeply relaxing gong and sound bath.

Relax and immerse yourself into the beautiful sounds of singing bowls, the ocean drum, the ancient gong, and a variety of percussion instruments… taking you on an internal journey.

Are you ready to enjoy your Soulshine?

Place: Esromgade 15, 1-3.sal, 2200 KBH
Time: Every Wednesday 9-10 AM

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