Gong Bath Concert

GONG BATH CONCERT hosted by Venskune & Faitelson
An unforgettable experience!

The duo Venskune & Faitelson is back after a long corona break!

Imagine how it could be to arrive at the concert, lie comfortably down on a mattress and give in to the soothing sounds of the Gongs, singing bowls and other percussive harmonic instruments. Towards the end, waking up to a song or 2 performed by the musician Dalia Faitelson. Sounds tempting?

It is more than just a concert or healing session. It is a combination of both.

You are going from a place of thinking to a place of being and feeling.

It’s a 1,5 hrs event, where we create a sacred space, combining the energy of all of us and of the room.

Price 220 kr.

Aiste Venskune:
Aiste is a gong master, sound therapist and psychologist, More about hers More about Aiste: www.vitadelux.dk

Dalia Faitelson:
Dalia is a professional musician and composer. She is also a DJ and trainer in creative communication. Dalia facilitates voice meditation, music workshops and sound concerts.

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