Gong bath

All are welcome! No experience is necessary!

During the event you will be bathed in sound waves, but do not fear – you will not need to remove your clothes. You will simply lie down on a mat, wrap yourself in a blanket, lay your head on a pillow, close your eyes and relax while listening to gongs and another instruments. The gongs are normally played for an hour. The sounds that come out of the gongs are difficult for the human brain to follow, and you will most likely drift into a deep meditative state.

Sound therapy is widely used throughout the world for its calming, stress lowering capabilities. It’s very good at relieving pain, stress or dealing with personal issues, it tends to bring people to a blissful state that can often last for many days.

Energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically – there is no part of you that will not receive the sound. Stress melts away, as the brain moves into Alpha and/or Theta states, triggering a sympathetic nervous system response that lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate, relieves stress, pain, and more.

During the gong bath you will explore heavenly sounds of Himalayan / Tibetan singing bowls, cosmic songs of the gong, the beauty of various flute sounds, kalimba, Koshi bells and another instrument while laying on the mats and experiencing the power of sound.

Aiste Venskune is a psychologist, Gong master and coach who delivers workshops and lectures on emotion, stress and conflict management. She leads Reiki and sound healing events and teaches meditation techniques and breathing exercises.

Time: 19:15-20:45

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