Gong Spa – 4 hrs gong bath

We invite you to our Gong Spa Evening. Deep physical and mental transformation through sound. Imagine how deep 4 hours of powerful Gong Bath will touch you.

This Gong Spa Evening is an amazing opportunity for you to immerse yourself into the wonderful holistic sound of the Gong, experience the relaxing and regenerative effects in every cell of your body and learn more about the impact of the sound on the body and mind as well as the many healing effects of sound.

The Gong is wonderful for creating harmony and balance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. The sounds interact with our subconscious, quieting you mind and leading you into an altered state of consciousness.

Gong therapy helps you discover joy and consciousness. It is a path of personal development and spiritual growth through the combination of tones and sounds. The sound of the Gong is used to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual body. It is perfect problems related to stress, depression, hostility and anger, loneliness and all kinds of fear.

During a Gong Bath you are surrounded and immersed in sounds from gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls, rattles rain-stick and many other soothing complementary instruments.

Registration: info@vitadelux.dk, 5035 5323

This event is for those who already participated in 1 or 2 hour Gong Baths.

If you want to participate in this Gong Spa and you have never done this before, please participate in shorter Gong Bath prior to this.

Price & Payment
395 Kr

Aiste Venskune will guide you through the sound healing session. Aiste is a Lithuanian psychologist, Gong Master, Reiki teacher and coach. She leads Reiki and sound healing events, and teaches meditation techniques and breathing exercises.