One to One Gong Therapy

One to One Gong Therapy is a shot of pure health … 20 minute for your whole system; your cells, nerves, blood. 20 minutes of your day to feel more calm, relaxed and at peace with yourself.


During this session you will be seated in front of the gong, where all the vibrations will go straight into your body. Before and after the session soothing archaic instruments are played to help you open up to healing and letting go.


These sessions will help you

– overcome stress and tension

– feel more energized

– relieve depression

– fight isomnia and difficulties falling asleep

– recover from physical traumas

– lower blood pressure


You can choose in between booking one session or a 12 treatment program, where 20 min session is recommended at least once per week.



12 times 2950 kr

One session – 290 kr.




Information about the therapist:

Aiste Venskune will guide you through one to one gong therapy. She is psychologist, sound therapist who works with sound healing from 2014