Gift Card – individual session

890,00 DKK

Have the sound vibrations really touched you? Why not give something magical for a special someone you hold dear this Christmas? Why not give them a chance to slow down, destress, and relax for a bit, to be taken care of and perhaps also get touched by those sound vibrations?

It is 60 min Sound Therapy individual session Gift card. It can be one of the best gifts to your beloved ones.


During the sound therapy session, singing bowls are placed on or close to your dressed body and tapped gently with a mallet, whereby the gentle vibrations and sounds induce a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Each session is unique to each individual and designed accordingly. Sometimes it is just with singing bowls and sometimes with the gongs and other healing instruments.

Healing sessions with vibration can correct your balance and provide a feeling of inner strength, harmony and energy. If you have a physical, mental and psychological issue, sound therapy can provide relief from stress, anxiety and pain.

Benefits of sound healing session:
• Harmonizing body cells with sound and vibration
• Removing tension and blockages
• Providing a pleasant tingling sensation
• Increasing positivity and creativity
• Letting go of the old and embracing the new