Self-healing Sound Therapy Kit

2.100,00 DKK

Self-healing Sound Therapy Kit contain:

  • singing bowl,
  • 2 mallets,
  • Koshi chime,
  • 2 rattles,
  • fairy stick.

Packed in a beautiful box. Perfect for the Gift to yourself or beloved ones.


The Kit is made following main Sound Therapy rules to help people bring more balance, peace, stability and lightness in their life.

    • 1450 DKK


It is a Magical box with instruments, which represent 5 main elements – space, water, fire, air and earth.

Great for people who are unable to just sit and meditate as time with the Kit – is an active meditation.

It’s simple and does not require any prior experience.


What is in the box and why?

Singing bowl to activate Earth element by giving strokes

Singing bowl to create Space by rimming

Fairy Stick to activate Fire element

Seed Rattle for Water and Fire elements

Koshi Chime to bring some light with Air element


By combining the Kit and online consultation (one session is free) you can learn how to heal yourself, release what is not serving you by using this Kit approximately 20 min per day.

It’s so easy to feel grounded, relax and in balance through sound healing.