Teambuilding for Your Company – The Element Key


Are you looking for something new and exciting to move your team forward? Then this unique teambuilding workshop might be for you.


We are introducing teambuilding with The Element Key; A unique communication tool, a sign language, designed for teambuilding. With a few simple gestures, we create a common universal language, enabling us to have fun and feel safe in being who we are, all while we create group synergy through music.

This unique communication method is built upon the five elements – Earth (foundation), Water (adaptability), Fire (leadership), Air (ideas) and space (listening).



This method strongly encourages authentic expression and energy as well as increasing trust, humbleness, creative thinking, team communication and most importantly awareness.

The Element Key helps team members to better understanding each other, it creates emotional connection and efficiency.

This tool can be used every day in your company to express your needs without having to explain yourself.




During this workshop, each team member will have the opportunity to be the musical conductor of the group and use the sign language to create his/her own masterpiece with the skills and instruments available.

Imagine you and your colleagues sitting in a circle, playing instruments you have never seen while having fun and being allowed to tell everyone what to do.

During this workshop, everyone will be actively participating in each other’s compositions.

Organizers will provide the instruments needed, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Workshop duration is 3 hours, where the last 30 minutes is for the integration of the new experience through a therapeutic gong relaxation.

The workshop can be guided in Danish or English.




Activities will be held by:

Benjamin Andersen – music teacher and visionary artist

Aiste Venskune – psychologist and sound therapist

Martin Nielsen – musician and social pedagogue




Price DKK 7.000 / 3 hours workshop / up for 20 people

Special offer for the full-day program – DKK 15.000

Please contact us at or 50355323 to get more information about program.